Craft Beer Passport & Taproom Guide

A comprehensive list of every craft brewery and taproom in your state!

This Craft Beer Passport & Taproom Guide will give you a whole new perspective on the art of craft beer and micro brew taprooms. Beer can be an individual experience as well as a collective one. We’ll help you navigate you to new beer experiences where you can gather with fellow tribe members but the experience is entirely yours! You know what you like, write it down. Make it personal.

Craft Beer Passport & Taproom Guide

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Jan 22 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm Juxtaposition Arts
Jan 28 @ 4:30 pm – 7:30 pm Brothers Bar & Grill
Feb 4 all-day Minnesota State Fair
Join them for the 8th annual Beer Dabbler Winter Carnival, the biggest outdoor beer festival in Minnesota. With unlimited beer samples from over 150 craft breweries and cideries, great live music, and fun activities, the Beer Dabbler Winter Carnival is a true celebration of winter in Minnesota.
Apr 1 @ 10:00 am
Limited-release beers, world-class breweries, unlimited pours, and live music in Minneapolis-St. Paul on April 1, 2017 With more than 220 beers from 80+ breweries from Minnesota and beyond, we’re committed to providing a taproom experience for attendees. Each brewery has been asked to bring a taproom-only beer and/or a rare limited-release option. All proceeds will[...]


  • A comprehensive list of every craft brewery and taproom in your state!

  • A stylish place and intimate way to commemorate your craft beer tasting experience. Online apps have their place but this is personal.

  • A booklet where pages are specifically devoted to microbrews and taprooms including; name, street address and web address.

BeerPassports visits Tin Whiskers
  • Leather binder with rings that open; easily edit and add new breweries as they become available. Simply download the .pdf from our site or sign up for email notifications.

  • For people who are looking to take the guesswork out of brew tours.

  • An addicting game; collect stamps, stickers or even the brewer’s autograph.

  • A resource to plan your beer tour accordingly; each craft beer location that is in our craft beer guide is categorized by region.

  • A personal way  to document your experience;  with sections for ratings, taproom notes and beer tasting notes that you can keep forever.

  • Integrates with our website for exclusive tribe member information, predefined tours and special deals.

  • For anyone and everyone over 21 years old or older who like to sample craft beer.

You know what you like, now go out and find it!

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Beer at baldman brewing


  • Pretentious or for beer snobs only.

  • A coupon book or a Groupon offer.

  • A tasting guide or beer for dummies.

  • A cheap paper bound book.

  • A mobile app or web only content.

  • Something that needs to be returned to prove you were there.

“It’s a win-win situation where the customers get to discover new places and the places get to discover new customers!”

So now what?

Carry your Craft Beer Passport & Taproom Guide with you every time you make a trip to a brewery. Reference your past experiences and share them with the taproom staff. It will help to pinpoint what it is that you like about beer. Everything you need to remember is right there on each specific taproom page. Rate it compared to others you’ve been to. Rate the beer by quality, freshness and how much you enjoyed it. You do not need to be a beer expert to know what you like. Document it!

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