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Passport PLUS+

Your Beer Passport will soon become EXPONENTIALLY more valuable. 

Beerpassports.com is launching a REWARDS PROGRAM to give you even more incentive to visit new Breweries and Taprooms!

Unlock new opportunities and fun now that we’ve established EXCLUSIVE DEALS with breweries around your state. Want to know more? Click here! 


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A book dedicated to craft beer with a page for every brewery and taproom in your state so you can get more out of Craft Beer!


  • Q3 Update packs – Coming Soon!

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States currently available in 7 Beer Passport editions
States on the way – NC, CO, PA, WA, OR
Total Pages of Breweries in 7 Beer Passport editions
Check-ins necessary to earn your first Taproom Tag
Check-ins necessary to earn the title of Taproom Shaman

Use your Beer Passport to…

Beer Passport North and South Dakota

7 versions (8 States) available.  View More

Style and functionality – combined.

Our Craft Beer Passport & Taproom Guide is not only functional, it’s beautiful. Made from high quality leather and expert stitching so you will be proud to show it off to your fellow beer drinkers.

If personalizing is something that is important to you then you will love that the leather is available in 5 colors. We can even custom laser engrave any design or message you want so you can get more out of Craft Beer!

It’s all about the experience – your experience.

This Craft Beer Passport and Taproom Guide will give you a whole new perspective on the art of craft beer and micro brew taprooms. We’ll help you navigate you to new beer experiences where you can gather with fellow tribe members but the experience is entirely yours! You know what you like, write it down. Make it personal and get more out of Craft Beer!

The Shamans represent the Traveling Taproom Tribe and our influence in the world of Craft Beer.

Tribe Members Get More Out Of Craft Beer

There are 10 Shaman badges that you can earn along your Craft Beer journey. Can you become a Tribe leader?

Which Craft Beer Drinker are you?


Got this as a Christmas gift and I love it! Super fast shipping and great customer service! Can’t wait to collect them all!


Finally- the perfect gift to give to those men in my life that “Never want anything”!


Bought this for my brother and sister-in-law who are avid beer drinkers. They LOVE it! Highly recommend! Fast shipping and excellent customer service.


So now what?

Carry your Craft Beer Passport & Taproom Guide with you every time you make a trip to a brewery. Reference your past experiences and share them with the taproom staff. It will help to pinpoint what it is that you like about beer. Everything you need to remember is right there on each specific taproom page. Rate it compared to others you’ve been to. Rate the beer by quality, freshness and how much you enjoyed it. You do not need to be a beer expert to know what you like. Document it!

We offer wholesale pricing and can brand the Craft Beer Passport & Taproom guide with your logo.