What is different about your craft beer book?

/What is different about your craft beer book?

What is different about your craft beer book?

Most of the other “passports” on the market are just a lot of empty pages where it is up to the beer drinker to write down most of the details about the establishment they are visiting. BeerPassports.com are different because the books come pre-loaded with all of the most-recognizable, and no-so recognizable, breweries in the entire state.

This is an important distinction because you have a resource to research as well as document. With the BeerPassports.com book, you don’t have to spend time searching the web for cool new places, we did it for you.

The other books are boring, made with a cardboard cover are all the same. Our books covers are made of genuine leather and come in your choice of colors.

The other books are, you get what you get. Our books have a six ring binder so you can easily add and remove pages as new breweries are added.



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