I use the Internet, why should I use a book?

It's a personal choice of course, but believe or not there are people who actually like have something material.  Let's discuss a couple reasons why the beer passport tribe still uses physical books: There is just some more personal about a book. The notes are in your hand writing... the stickers, stamps and autographs [...]

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Will your book help me plan a craft beer tour?

Absolutely! In more ways than one too. Our craft beer guide books are categorized by region. Major cities, and major regions are easy to find because they are written right at the top of the page. Also, if you buy one of our craft beer passports you gain access to a list of pre-defined [...]

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Does the book make a good gift?

Of course! You know that person in your life that you struggle to buy for every single year? Well, I bet you he or she does not have a Beer Passport. The craft beer revolution is now a passing fancy, it's here to stay. So give a gift that allows your friend or family [...]

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