Five Reasons to Visit Your Local Taprooms.

Thanks to the local legend Surly and the trailblazing they accomplishedtaproom getting the now well-known “Surly Bill” passed,  dozens of brewery attached Taprooms have been popping up since 2011.  I have had the pleasure of visiting many of these tap rooms but never really gave much thought as t
o why I enjoyed the experience so much.  That is until now, after some thought and consideration the following five reasons are why I love the experience.

The Owners

These are not the “typical” establishments popping up in your neighborhood, they are not owned by some conglomerate, they are not operated by some person hired off the street.  Behold the Taproom,  the result of a dream, a passion, unmistakable grit and determination brought to life by people living in your neighborhood.  What could be better than supporting your fellow neighbor just by sipping a beer?

The Beer

The beer can not get any fresher.  It has not been canned or bottled, shipped or stocked, it has been brewed and poured directly into a glass for you to enjoy.

You have the opportunity to drink small batch beers that will never be released to a larger audience and this my friends is where it gets really fun.  Ever had a Peanut Butter and Jelly Porter or an IPA brewed with Carolina Reaper and Habanero Peppers? I didn’t think so.

The Education

Every taptender I have met is knowledgeable about the beer they are pouring and actually excited to tell you what they know.  Have a question?  If they can’t answer it they are always happy to find someone who can.  Want to ask a brewer a question (or get them to sign your passport), I have not been denied a single conversation, beer is their passion and it shows!

Want to learn how it is made? Join an in-depth brewery tour for your chance to ask endless questions, see up close and personal how your favorites are made, and maybe even sample some interesting concoctions.

The Food

This may seem like a strange reason because most taprooms don’t actually serve food; however, all do the best they can to support other local businesses by offering recommendations (most of whom will deliver right to your table) or having a rotating roster of food trucks!  What could be better than eating a local meal while drinking a local beer? Sounds like local heaven to me.

The Experience

Take a close look around at any Taproom, you will discover an unexpected quirk.  Whether it isbentpaddle_taproom the “Wall of Fur” and unconventional restroom setup  at Lakeville Brewing Company, the cool chalkboard ceiling at Nutmeg Brewing, or even the welcomed opportunity to spread your own message on the bathroom walls at Badger Hill,  you are bound to discover something unexpected, a welcomed departure from the cookie cutter décor that abounds in most bars and restaurants.

Four legged or two, your kids are welcome, and given the laid
back vibe at most of these places, you will not feel  out of place with your mini-me running around.

So now, stop what you are doing – Checkout this Map – chances are you are within a few minutes drive from one right now.  What are you waiting for? Get out there!

Cheers to your local Taproom!


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