In preparation of Father’s day

My Dad won’t sit still.  He is an entrepreneur, a farmer, a demolitioner, a sprinkler system installer, a grandpa, a business man, a lawn mower, trench digger, Gardner, chicken raiser, world traveler, snow bird, Pilates discoverer, lumber jack, husband and father, to name just a few.  Just typing the list leaves me exhausted, and awed and wondering. . . what hasn’t he done?  Even with a broken shoulder he is burning trees, digging holes for tree stumps, repairing cars and planting new trees to take the dead ones places.  If he could figure out how to swing a golf club with one arm he sure as hell would have already.  All admirable traits, a true role model, a person I am proud to call my dad.

Although this is all great and amazing and I am blessed to have him as my dad, I have to wonder. . . .when in the hell does he sit still?  When does he catch his breath, when does he take a moment to tell the stories that have made him who he is, to pass his knowledge on to those of us who are younger and far less knowledgeable?

Thinking about the conversations we have had, the times he has imparted his most useful knowledge upon me, be it how to run a business or how to adjust a sprinkler head I realize two things.  Typically these conversations come after a long day of hard work and always they come over a beer.

So why not give him another project, another accomplishment to add to his long list of talents, why not give him the gift of craft beer?  Wouldn’t we all benefit if he had a reason to slow down more often, to take a break, to stop and reflect?

I’m thankful that he has given me his entrepreneurial drive, his need to do something new, to be an innovator because without him I would have never been able to help create the Craft Beer Passport and Taproom Guide, and this Father’s day  I plan to drink a craft beer with him and watch as he collects his first sticker, embarking on yet another project.

To my dad on father’s day:

May my Father’s day gift to you, the one of Craft Beer, be an enjoyable challenge, one that you take on like any other project you ever have, with gusto, and a eagerness to learn and may I have the opportunity to finally teach you.

I love you Dad.


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