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Sharing is caring when it comes to Craft Beer – Cheers!

Humans are social beings. Being social comes naturally to extroverts, while some of us introverts prefer the company of a good book and a vinyl record. But no matter how safe and comforting if feels locked away in the confines of our homes away from the chaos of modern society, we can’t escape this instinctual desire to be a part of a community.

Food and beer has always been at the epicenter of community and, if you think about it, a majority of our social interactions revolve around some form of eating and drinking. The dining table has historically been a symbol of community — a place of gathering and conversation where family and friends come together for a shared experience. That is, until microwaves and fast food corporations gave us the convenience of individualized “cooking.” In a world where the pace of work and life seems to accelerate exponentially, it feels necessary to outsource the responsibility of meals in order to keep up our social media feeds and binge-watch an endless amount of Netflix and HBO. The couch is the new dining table and our shared experiences are conversations about individual consumption.

The craft movement, and it truly is a movement, is challenging the status quo for the sake of quality and innovation. It’s the inspiration and incubator of many other similar movements that support local ecosystems, both social and natural. Most importantly, it has given us something tangible to gather around and a physical space for us to come together as humans versus pixilated avatars.

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Jordan works as an Events and Sponsorship Coordinator with The Growler Magazine & The Beer Dabbler

To me, the taproom is a sacred space. It’s where I meet friends, family and acquaintances to have a real connection. Yes, we may gush over Game of Thrones and laugh about a slew of drunken Snapchats, but being together, sharing a beer, gives us the opportunity to dig so much deeper than a 160-character opinion. Craft beer taprooms provide a place to understand others more intimately and maybe even discover something new about ourselves along the way.

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“The craft movement, and it truly is a movement, is challenging the status quo for the sake of quality and innovation.” – Jordan Ashbacher

I love craft beer because of its diversity, individuality and seemingly endless new flavors and styles; what I love most, however, and what continues to bring me back time and time again is that it has inspired a renaissance of community. A monologue is never as good as a dialogue — I look forward to sharing more beers with new faces.

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Events and Sponsorship Coordinator with The Growler Magazine and The Beer Dabbler

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