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Proud Craft Beer Drinkers Only Please


Show off your Traveling Taproom Tags

Make your way up the Tribal Hierarchy and earn Taproom Tags to prove it. We will reward you for your commitment to exploring the “State of Craft Beer”. Simply visit as many breweries as you can and earn Traveling Taproom Tribe recognition. Can you make it to Taproom Tribe Shaman level?

Get your first Tag after just ONE VISIT. Then one Tag every 10 visits. Once you reach 100 Taprooms you will be inducted into the Traveling Taproom Tribe Hall of Fame. A special gift for this new Shaman awaits!

How does it work?

  • Own a Beer Passport of your own.

    If you don’t have one you can purchase it here.

  • Register your Beer Passport so we know how to find you.

    Click Here to Register

  • Visit Taprooms that are represented in the book.

    (Every Taproom in your state is in the book and is currently available for: Iowa, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, ND&SD, Wisconsin)

  • Collect a stamp or a sticker from the current location and put it in your Beer Passport.

    Visit our Instagram Page for a ton of good examples

  • Take a picture of your Beer Passport with the book open to the current locations page.

    (Get creative! Include interesting characteristics of the establishment)

  • Post said picture to Instagram or Twitter. The post must include: #TaproomTribe, @BeerPassports, @CurrentLocation (If available) & Your Tribe number (#TMX000) –

    We need to be able to find your post!

  • THAT’S IT! We will automatically mail you your Traveling Tribe Member Tag for every 10 breweries you visit.

    Receive your first Tag after just one visit!