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Why do I love beer?

Wow! Where do I begin? This list could be very long if I was to list everything and I could rattle off a whole bunch of reasons, but for the sake of this post, I am going to stick with my favorite attribute: Variety.

“Variety’s the very spice of life, that gives it all it’s flavour.”

William Cowper

It’s Seasonal

I look forward to the change of seasons every year. Not just because of the weather, but because I know that there is a whole new convoy of beer on it’s way.

Spring beers are good because as the temperature rises, we can put away the dark roasted tastes of winter. Maibocks and pale ales are popular for their subtle hoppy flavors. I think spring beers are my favorite seasonal beers.

Summer beers are made to be fruity and refreshing. Lighter and easier to drink because we are looking for something to quench our thirsts. Sitting on a boat in the sun is not the best time for a double IPA. I generally have a few more beers when it’s warm so I appreciate the lower alcohol content. Lagers are great at this point too. I think summer beers are my favorite seasonal beers.

Fall beers are the thing I look forward to the most. I start craving a heavier ale like an IPA. I lean towards the ones with the citrus hops like a west coast version but I definitely don’t discriminate. And don’t get me started about Oktoberfests. Such a bitter sweet time for me because it is the first hint to me that summer is pretty much over. Oktoberfests, with it’s malt and caramel flavors, are so good and extremely drinkable. I think fall beers are my favorite seasonal beers.

Winter beers are heavy and comforting like Thanksgiving dinner. As I hibernate my way through the snow and cold, a porter is about as good as it gets. It warms the body and the soul. A little higher ABV won’t hurt because, face it, I won’t be going outside anyway. How about an Oatmeal stout to add a little sweetness to the mix? Snuggle up, light a fire and relax. I think winter beers are my favorite seasonal beers.

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